My Dog Won’t Stop Scratching: Understanding Pet Allergies

Dog scratching due to treatable pet allergies

Are Pet Allergies Causing Your Dog To Constantly Scratch And Chew Themselves? Fall in the Ozarks brings less humidity, cooler weather, colored leaves, and unfortunately ragweed.  Fall means hay fever symptoms in people and allergic dermatitis in our pets. Unlike humans, most pets show signs of allergies through their skin. So, what are pet allergies? An…

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9 Ways To Keep Your Pet Fear Free On July 4th

veterinarian-springfield-mo-frightened-dog- July 4th Fear Free

Did you know that the 4th of July weekend is the #1 weekend for lost pets taken to shelters in Springfield, MO and nationwide? Does your dog or cat have a noise phobia and become fearful, anxious, or stressed to loud noises such as thunderstorms, fireworks, etc? Are you making their anxiety worse or better?…

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Pharmacy Mistakes Can Harm Our Pets!

CNN has reported that 30 million dispensing errors happen at outpatient pharmacies for human patients each year. That’s about 1% of the 3 billion prescriptions written annually. Unfortunately, it appears that people aren’t the only victims of these mistakes…our pets now get the wrong doses or even the wrong drugs as pet owners search for new places to fill their pet prescriptions.

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The Confusing World of Pet Parasite Prevention

Most dog and cat owners understand the importance of keeping their pets safe from deadly parasites, like heartworms and intestinal worms. But, our stores are now being flooded with generic products and these new brands are creating confusion. In addition, some of the other, better known products, have disappeared leaving everyone even more confused. Exactly what parasite control products should you be using for your pets?

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Pet Poisonings Often Happen At Home.

Although scary headlines about evil people leaving antifreeze laced treats lying around are commonplace, most pets who encounter any sort of poison do so in their very own home. How serious is this situation and what can you do to prevent a poison mishap in your house?

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