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When it comes to telling your pet how our veterinarians can help,
the best messenger is you.

Stress-free visits to the pet hospital start at home.

It’s no secret that no creature is excited for a visit to the animal hospital, especially, if there’s an expectation of stress associated with the trip. Our pets (or furry babies) may have a limited understanding of why they are visiting a veterinary clinic, but they do know to take their cues from you.

A Labrador won’t understand why she’s receiving an injection and a Siamese isn’t going to be convinced that veterinary surgery will make him feel better. But, your confidence in our veterinarians and veterinary staff will give them a sense of ease knowing that we’re working together to keep them smiling and healthy for years to come. When their favorite human behaves like they are comfortable at a pet clinic, chances are they will, too. Our veterinary team is specially trained in providing stress-free animal clinic visits for pets.

For more information about stress-free appointments, we recommend reading the outlined section below.

Edward Caldwell, DVM and Denise Roche, DVM are both graduates of the University of Missouri – Columbia, College of Veterinary Medicine. They established Deerfield Veterinary Hospital in 1992. Deerfield is still privately owned and has a reputation for providing high standards of pet health care and personalized veterinary services. Our animal hospital has provided pet health care for several generations of some of our client’s families, and we are proud to offer care that forms these lifelong relationships.

Our pet clinic provides a wide range of veterinary services so that all your pet’s needs can be met comfortably and conveniently under one roof. We have on-site blood testing, a diagnostic laboratory, digital x-rays, wireless patient monitoring, and ultrasound.

Our state-of-the-art technology and medical equipment are only part of what makes our animal clinic so great. We wouldn’t be Deerfield Veterinary Hospital without our highly skilled and compassionate team of veterinarians and veterinary staff. Please explore the team profiles on our website to meet your pet’s caretakers. Deerfield Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing you the highest quality pet health care possible.

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