Frequently Asked Questions

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You can avoid costly after-hour visits to the animal hospital by contacting a veterinarian at the first sign of problems. Delaying treatment can result in medical complications and unnecessary worry.

Emergencies during regular pet clinic hours always have immediate priority (Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm and Saturday, 9am – 1pm).

When the animal clinic closes, all pet health emergencies are referred to the Emergency Clinic of Southwest Missouri. A veterinarian and veterinary technician are on duty from 6pm to 8am the following morning. You can reach them at (417) 889-1600 or in-person at 400 South Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO 65802.

This emergency animal clinic was started by a collective group of local veterinarians interested in serving the critical care needs of patients. This veterinary hospital is designed to handle all types of veterinary emergencies and ICU monitoring.


Should a pet health emergency arise, the following can make a significant difference in the outcome:

  • Remain calm.
  • Phone for advice.
  • Do not attempt home remedies.
  • Discuss the emergency with the veterinary staff on duty.
  • Copy the street directions to the clinic carefully.
  • Be cautious when handling injured pets.