Springfield's Full-Service Veterinary Hospital

As a full-service veterinary hospital in Springfield, MO, Deerfield attentive veterinary services begin with kitten and puppy care and continue through elderly cat and elderly dog care. Because we care.

For elderly dog care in Springfield, MO, trust our full service veterinary hospital.

Older Cat & Elderly Dog Care

Did you know that every year you age, your pet essentially ages 3 to 4 years? And with age comes the potential for a myriad of health issues. By the time elderly dogs or cats show symptoms of disease, organ damage can be in advanced stages. Studies show that as many as 23% of elderly dogs and 17% of senior cats who appear healthy actually have an underlying disease. By detecting and treating diseases such as chronic kidney disease in dogs or diabetes in older cats before they become symptomatic, our veterinarians have found we can extend and improve their quality of life while in the prime of their life and beyond, into their senior years. Our lovable pets make life here in Springfield, MO all the sweeter, so our veterinarians do all we can to keep elderly patients around, healthy, and happy for as long as possible.