Veterinary Dentistry in Springfield, MO

Veterinary dentistry is crucial to your pet's overall health, so Deerfield's pet dentists offer services ranging from dog dental cleaning to feline gingivitis treatment. We're here to keep your furry friend's choppers clean and healthy!

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Pet owners often consider veterinary dentistry a last resort that’s meant for emergencies. After all, what could something as seemingly cosmetic as cat or dog dental cleaning practices have to do with your pet’s well being? Besides, a little bad breath isn’t so bad. The truth is, however, your pet’s teeth can have a serious impact on its overall health. Leading veterinarians recognize that we can protect the health of your pet’s heart and numerous other internal organs with preventive veterinary dentistry measures.

Periodontal infections such as gingivitis in dogs or cats can spread harmful bacteria from the mouth to the heart, liver, and kidneys. Proactive dental care contributes to healthy organs by helping prevent oral disease. The American Veterinary Dental Society states that more than 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have signs of oral disease at just 3 years old. Such signs are less obvious than you may assume, and that endearing dog or cat breath or newly developed chewing habits—like dropping food while eating or swallowing without chewing—could point to complications from gingivitis or another oral disease. Other disease indicators include pawing at the mouth, listless behavior, and excessive drooling. Should you notice these symptoms, it’s time to see your veterinary dentist.
Now that you know what’s at stake for your friend, it’s clear waiting on a dental visit isn’t worth the wait. Let’s get your dog or cat scheduled for a dental cleaning and thorough dental exam before we’re fighting an existing dental condition.