Emergency Pet Health Care

Emergency Pet Care

You can avoid costly after-hour visits by contacting a veterinarian at the first sign of problems. Delaying treatment can result in medical complications and unnecessary worry.

When our animal hospital closes, all pet health emergencies are referred to the Emergency Clinic of Southwest Missouri. A veterinarian and veterinary technician are on duty from 6pm to 8am the following morning. You can reach them at (417) 890-1600 or in-person at 400 South Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO 65802.

The emergency animal clinic was started by a collective group of local veterinarians interested in serving the critical care needs of patients. This animal hospital is designed to handle all types of veterinary emergencies and ICU monitoring.


Should a pet health emergency arise with your pet, the following can make a major difference in the outcome:

  • Remain calm.
  • Phone for advice.
  • Do not attempt home remedies.
  • Discuss the emergency with the staff on duty.
  • Copy the street directions to the clinic carefully.
  • Be cautious when handling injured pets.

Please note: Pet health emergencies during regular hours of operation always have immediate priority (Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm and Saturday, 9am – 1pm).