Springfield's Puppy Veterinarians

At our recognized animal hospital in Springfield, MO, your family's new puppy has a second home—complete with all she needs to frolic down a healthy path.

Puppy Veterinarians - Deerfield Veterinary Hospital

Brennan’s family raises spirited, pedigreed hunting dogs—the very best of the Brittany breed. At their kennel just north of Springfield, MO, they treat every puppy like a champion. And from worming puppies to booster shots, they’ve treated all their puppies at Deerfield Veterinary Hospital for more than a decade. —DVH Client since 1999.

Helpful Resources

Puppy Information Guide

All the important puppy care information you need in one helpful guide.


Monthly chewables that protect dogs from ticks and fleas.

Simparica Trio

Monthly chewables that protect dogs against heartworm disease, ticks & fleas, roundworms & hookworms.

ProHeart 12

One dose of ProHeart 12 can protect your pet from heartworm disease for a year.

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