What is Kennel Cough?
Bordetella Bronchiseptica virus is a mild self-limiting upper respiratory infection that involves the trachea and bronchi of dogs of any age. It causes coughing that is commonly described as a “honking goose sound”, sneezing and nasal discharge. Severe cases may have a sore throat thus causing inappetence.
How does my dog get kennel cough?
It is an airborne pathogen that enters the nasal and oral passageways and reacts in the pharyngeal region. It is rapidly spread in kennels, hospitals, pet stores, grooming facilities and dog parks. Anywhere there is close confinement of many dogs.
How can I protect my dog from kennel cough?
There are vaccines against bordetella bronchiseptica. There are 3 different kinds: intra-nasal, oral and injectable. Depending on your dog’s age, immune status, previous vaccine history and availability of vaccines denotes which vaccine is chosen for your dog. Any dog showing symptoms of kennel cough should not be vaccinated until they are recovered. The vaccine immunity lasts for 1 year but some kennels may require it more frequently.
I think my dog has kennel cough, what should I do?
Call the veterinarian and schedule an appointment for the dog to be evaluated. Since kennel cough can be confused with many other respiratory illnesses, it is important for the heart and lungs to be auscultated and a thorough exam to be performed.
My dog has been vaccinated against kennel cough so he can’t get it, right?
Unfortunately no vaccine is 100% protective. It is still possible for your dog to contract kennel cough. Luckily the severity and duration of the disease is much less than if no vaccine was on board. There are also many other respiratory illness that mimic kennel cough that have no vaccine. Your dog can still get those. If you think your dog has a respiratory illness then contact your veterinarian.