My Dog Won’t Stop Scratching: Understanding Pet Allergies

Dog scratching due to treatable pet allergies

Are Pet Allergies Causing Your Dog To Constantly Scratch And Chew Themselves? Fall in the Ozarks brings less humidity, cooler weather, colored leaves, and unfortunately ragweed.  Fall means hay fever symptoms in people and allergic dermatitis in our pets. Unlike humans, most pets show signs of allergies through their skin. So, what are pet allergies? An…

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Ebola in Dogs: What Do We Know?

Excalibur, a beloved family dog, was euthanized on Weds, Oct 8th in Madrid, Spain.  He was sedated beforehand as many pets are prior to euthanasia.   Following the procedure, his body was sealed in a biosecurity device and transferred to a disposal facility for incineration.  Excalibur was incinerated because he belonged to Theresa Romero – a…

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Question and Answer on Generic Rimadyl

Our clients regularly ask us great questions regarding their pets.  This was a question Dr. Denise answered via email in August of 2011 regarding the use of a generic carprofen (Rimadyl). Dr. Denise, Can you get me a prescription for the generic of Rimadyl? Spot currently takes Putney Carprofen Caplets, 75mg twice a day. Our…

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