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Willard, MO

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Republic, MO

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Rogersville, MO

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See What Our Customers Are Saying Below

  • Twelve years ago, after going to 3 other vets, I finally found a practice that treats my dogs as well (really better than) my pediatrician treats my children. They have seen us through age 6-13 of our two Jack Russells (one with a serious eye condition) and now 6 years of two crazy Pugs (one who eats everything)! WE LOVE Deerfield—they are honest, straight forward, deeply caring, and give a range of options for costly events. You won't find a better Vet practice in Springfield, MO!

    Colleen Hargis,

  • googleimages

    We have had 4 different pets with Deerfield Vet Hospital, and we couldn't be happier with every aspect of their service. I especially like their pet portal—it allows me to save my pet's information online so I can communicate via the web when necessary. In my busy world, anything to make stuff easier, I'm all about. Also, they have an online pharmacy that I can order from or even pick up my stuff if i'm in the neighborhood. Good folks—and even my dog likes them (okay, my dog doesn't like going, but hey, he's a dog).

    A Google User ,

  • veterinarian springfield mo testimonail jack

    We consider Deerfield as part of our extended family. Jack has been a patient since he was 5 weeks old, and it is comforting to know that he is well taken care of by the entire staff.

    Julie Otto,

  • Jewel

    It's hard to write just a few good words about Dr. Caldwell and his terrific staff, as we have been pretty involved with Deerfield for years. Our rescue Great Dane, Jewel, came to us with over 100 stitches where she had been seriously injured and treated by Ned and his devoted staff. Then, 2 years ago, Jewel came down with cancer, and once again it was Deerfield to the rescue. After surgery and radiation, she has bounced back to her "old" self and enjoys a healthy life, not to mention lazy winter naps. Our sincere thanks to everyone at Deerfield!

    Dennis Hatfield,

  • googleimages

    Amazing! I had just moved to Springfield several years ago and hadn't found a vet yet when my dog got sick. I needed to get him somewhere fast, and Deerfield was the first place that could get me in. Lucky for me they were amazing, and we have been going there ever since. The front desk staff and doctors are amazing! Always friendly and make my baby boy feel comfortable. Competitive pricing and well worth every penny!

    A Google User ,

  • googleimages

    Deerfield was recommended to me by a friend, and their service and expertise has been outstanding. I got my puppy off an online ad and was concerned because of the amount of fleas she had when I got her. I figured the first visit would cost a fortune because of this problem and all of the necessary shots she would need. I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable it turned out to be, and the best part is that they kept her all day while I was at work for no extra charge. I know that she is getting taken care of while I'm at work, and Dr. Denise is great to call and talk to if there are ever any problems. She is never in a hurry to get off the phone or rush out of the room during an appointment, which is very much appreciated. Online services for appointments and medications are great too!

    A Google User,

  • pippin

    Drs. Ned and Denise and staff have been the place for the primary care of our two standard poodles since 1993 (J. Fred from 1993-2004 and Pippin from 2004 until now). The folks at Deerfield have provided excellent care in a warm and loving environment. Our dogs' tails always wag as we enter the clinic—which, to me, speaks volumes about the envirnoment and care our pets received. J. Fred in particular had two critical health events—in both instances Dr. Ned personally took the initiative to contact us and instigate aggressive treatment, which saved J. Fred's life. We have recommended the clinic to others and continue to do so.

    Nelson & Mary Knapp,

  • veterinarian springfield mo deerfield vet testimonial jade

    Every visit is a fun one! The Veterinarians treat our pets with such great care. I couldn't imagine anyone else taking care of our veterinary needs. Dr. Denise in particular is such a caring person. Our pets are calm, and they know that when they visit, the uncomfortable poking, prodding, and shots are always rewarded with love and cheese! We enjoy the professional advice and treatment from all at Deerfield, and they will always be a part of our pets' family!

    Jim Walton,

  • royce

    These people are amazing. I've been taking Royce (my rescued Rednose Pit) and Bronson (my Presa Canario Mastiff) here for years. And the work they do is amazing. I've never had a problem and always recommend them! Great work everyone!

    Zachary Parrish,

  • Delilah

    As the parent of two notoriously vet-shy kitties, Chanel and Delilah, I am always grateful for the care and attention shown to my girls by the doctors and staff at Deerfield Veterinary Hospital. Everyone knows them (and me) by name when we walk in the door, and the love and care given is beyond compare. As the “parent” of a senior cat, I realize that sometimes the problems of aging pets can be complicated, and I am always reassured by the fine attention she receives at Deerfield. I can’t imagine taking my babies anywhere else!

    Jeffrey Lawson ,

  • dominic

    I always dred having to stop after work to pick up something, but not with Deerfield. The staff is always friendly, fast, and helpful. Thanks so much for the great service!

    Jeff Nichols,

  • googleimages

    We were referred to Deerfield by a friend when we adopted our first dog about 7 years ago. Dr. Ned has been fantastic. Our first dog had to have two surgeries for skin cancer in different spots about a year apart. Both times Dr. Ned made us feel very comfortable with the process. We still have our first dog, and we have another one now. They both love Dr. Ned. We have told everybody we know about Deerfield. They really care about the animals and owners.

    A Google User,

  • tellerpups

    Our dogs, Katherin and Morgan, have been going to Deerfield Veterinary Hospital since they were puppies, and now they are 6 years old! The doctors and staff at Deerfield have watched our puppies grow and have always been caring and supportive. Our boxer is deaf and epileptic, but his medical treatment has never been a source of stress. With the friendly environment, both dogs always get excited about visiting the vet.

    Rebekah & Jesse Teller,

  • googleimages

    In a word: Fantastic. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Deerfield! Our dog exhibits some very challenging behaviors at the vet, and that always makes our visits extremely stressful (and some what traumatizing). The staff at Deerfield is patient, loving, and calming in behavior to my overly dramatic Labrador. While the dog still makes a huge fuss, the staff is always calm, sympathetic to him, and professional. They answer all of my questions and concerns compassionately and thoroughly. They also follow up with phone calls to continue to monitor how he is feeling. We will continue to come to Deerfield for our dog's care!

    A Google User,

  • gambler

    The Deerfield Veterinarians are devoted not only to the physical well-being of pets, but also to their mental and emotional development. Behavior problems are the most common causes of rehoming a dog. Many of my dogs have benefited from puppy play days at Deerfield. I know how carefully the pups are watched. All of the staff members make the utmost effort to get puppies off to a great start with proper socialization and confidence. Gambler smiles for the camera.

    Carolyn Krause,

  • buddy

    Deerfield Vet has Star Delivery. Sometimes it takes all three veterinarians to view Buddy's eye problems and make a diagnosis. He has a chronic condition that comes and goes. The doctors are very good about working together and consulting each other. We are so glad Buddy has such kind and caring vets. They keep excellent records and have such loving personnel. Everyone keeps our dog on track: heart pills, flea medicine, Science Diet, Lean Treats, nail clipping, and buzzing. Plus a little lovin'! Buddy is truly Deerfield Vet's Buddy.

    Dr. Lynn and Betty Carlton,

  • frank-and-ella

    Frank and Ella love Deerfield! The doctors and staff of Deerfield clearly care about the animals—they are warm and friendly to us every time we're in. They take the time to explain everything about our pets, and we never feel rushed. They are truly our other family doctor!

    Steve Hargis,

  • Emma

    My family has been a client of Deerfield Veterinary Hospital for more than 14 years. Ned Caldwell and his staff have taken care of four dogs for us during that period. We have always been extremely pleased with the level of their services and care. Also, the compassion shown when we made the difficult decision to "put down" one of our pets was very comforting. I highly recommend Deerfield Veterinary Hospital to anyone looking for a competent, friendly place for their veterinary services.

    David Reid,

  • ChaseWright

    I have been a client at Deerfield Pet Hospital since the first month they were in practice. Our animals are a huge part of our lives, and they always get great care at Deerfield. I have dealt with all three of the Vets in their office, and they, along with their staff, are all caring, honest and professional in their dealings with us and our 'kids.'I have referred many other pet owners to them over the years. I am a professional dog trainer and would not recommend Deerfield to my clients if I did not think they were the best!

    Valeri Wright, Paws Express Dog Training,