Payment Options

Cost estimates for services and products are never an inconvenience at Deerfield. The hospital also accepts Visa, Master Card, and Discover to help cover unexpected health care costs. We work with VPI Pet Insurance to make the financial side of your pet’s care easier (see below for details).CreditCardLogo3
For new clients, a deposit may be required for emergency and involved therapies. All clients should be prepared to pay for services when rendered.

Protection through Pet Insurance

When bringing home a new pet, most pet owners know the pet will need a place to sleep as well as healthy food and fun toys. The last thing we consider are the costs of unexpected illnesses or disease. We recommend enrolling your new puppy or kitten with a pet insurance company to help cover some of your pet’s health care costs during this initial year. Enrolling a pet while it is young lessens the chance of having medical exclusions placed on a policy. To find out if pet insurance is right for you, watch this interactive video by VPI Pet Insurance.